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Islamic Center of Naperville

We were very happy with Musalla Masjid Carpets – the quality of the carpets is very good and matched our expectations. Noor was always there for us at every stage of the project to make sure we were completely satisfied.

Abu Bakr Al Siddeeq Masjid

Delano, California

The masjid carpet is very comfortable, everyone loves the quality and design. The service was excellent. I will be glad to do business with you again

Northshore Islamic Center

Houston, Texas

 The entire community of North shore Islamic Center on last Jummah prayer expressed their excitement about the beautiful new carpet. The vibrant color and feel is awesome. We wish to thank you for your assistance in making this good deed a success. Inshallah we will meet in paradise. May Allah SWT bless you and your family

Islamic Center of Davis, CA

Brother Ammar

May Allah reward you, We just finished installing the carpets and they are very beautiful and the masjid looks brand new Alhamdulillah. Jazakaum Allahu Khair for helping us get this wonderful quality carpet.

Motaz Madi

North Carolina

 We got very nice product also deal was very easy guys thank you guys for this valuable business in our community

Keller Islamic Center, Texas

Muhammad Majid

 JAK for sending the beautiful carpet . May Allah bless you for all your efforts

Antoine Alkadri, CANADA

 From day one my experience was nothing less than perfect.Mr Noor was extremely helpful,patient with many questions and quick in response.Samples were received in 48 hours with order arriving a day early and as for the product,simply amazing quality. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Alaa Almasmari

Muslim Unity Center of Bloomfield Hills, MI

 We thank brother Noor for his leadership and Musalla Masjid Carpets for there cooperation and professionalism. Very patient with us when choosing the color, and assisted us with finding the perfect color to match our center. Muslim Unity Center of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Saad Hashmi


 We purchased Musallah carpet runner for our prayer space in the hospital chapel for Jummah Salah. Alhumdulilah we are very pleased with our purchase. Brother Noor Alim was very patient while we decided on our purchase. He gave us an excellent and fair price. I came to the warehouse and he allowed me to see all the different options. He did not rush me in my purchase. He was very responsive via phone/text messaging. The carpets are great quality and would recommend purchasing from this company.

Nora Zaki


We ordered carpet for our college musalla. Brother Noor Alim did a great job with delivery and installation. The students love the carpet and he even brought gifts for myself and colleagues in our office. Very courteous business person and great company! Highly recommend

Maria Baig


 Assalaamualaikum wrwb! Last year, your company delivered some beautiful carpet to Masjid Fatimah in Detroit, MI. We realized we never left a review for your excellent service. Not only did you hand deliver it to our masjid, but you stuck around to visit our neighborhood and community. You gave back to our underpriveledged, low-income ccommunity and we will never forget it. May Allah swt bless you for your efforts, and may He bless this company that creates beautiful places of worship. When we now enter our Masjid for prayer, we have a sense of peace and beauty among the rubble. JazaakAllahu Khairan for your wonderful service and beautiful carpets!! Masjid Fatimah- Hope Center Community Detroit, MI

Bangladesh Embassy, USA

 From the beginning of our experience was nothing less than perfect. Everybody in our Embassy, who are praying, really happy with Royal Blue Hira – Elegance – the Top Quality. Mr. Noor Alim extremely helpful, patient with many questions and quick in response. He tried his best for customer satisfaction. When we asked for credit card payment, he suggested us to pay by check or debit card for reducing extra expense for credit card commission. We paid by check through e-mail, which worked promptly and he shipped the Carpet with minimum delays to the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington, D.C. We appreciate his support, assistance and strongly recommend his Customer Service!