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This lovely looking Madina Model Chandelier features circular frames attached to a spherical base by means of solid metal cables. The circular frames are made out of gold-plated metal and are wide enough to accommodate the embossed Kalma e Tayyaba (the declaration of faith), the name of Allah, and an Arabic design.

The content, along with the hanging ampoules, gives this Madina Model Chandelier an appealing look. As far as the circular frames are concerned, they have different diameters, with the largest frame hanging on top of the other two. Each of these frames maintains a safe distance from the other one, making sure the ampoules don’t collide and break.

In total, the Madina Mode features as many as 72 ampoules with IP20 protection. So, these won’t break on finger touches, meaning they’re pretty safe to transport to your mosque. Moreover, the mounting and hanging equipment will accompany the original product.

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220 Volt IP20




10' 14' 15' 18'