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Masjid, like other holy places, has its uniqueness. And the most prominent of all the features a mosque has is its dome. While a hand crafted masjid dome has its place in different religions and cultures, the diverse Islamic culture has truly customized it in more ways than one. This is why we see different kinds of domes on mosques and shrines.

From the world-famous ‘Green Dome’ of Masjid e Nabawi to the breathtakingly beautiful host of domes on Turkey’s Grand Mosque and more, domes explain the architectural brilliance and the artwork instilled in the Muslims.

So, if you’re planning to build a mosque or a dome on the mosque, this Hand Crafted Masjid Dome by Musalla Masjid Carpets can be a great addition. With no machine involved, this 100% hand crafted masjid dome showcases a high level of creativity and skills. The entire dome structure has been constructed with wood, so it can be transported to your location.

The set up is also quite easy, plus the mounting equipment is included with the package.

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Handcrafted of iron wood wood


Mounting hardware included


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