Portable Royal Blue Hira Prayer Rug | Muslim Prayer Rug | Musalla Masjid Carpets

While masjid carpets are great for Mosques or places permanent for Islamic prayers, portable rugs are used on a temporary basis. A portable rug is meant for floor spaces that are not being utilized for prayers permanently. Therefore, when you need extra space for prayers, it is a solution that every Mosque should go for.

Musalla Masjid Carpets has been providing such solutions for years. The Turkish manufacturer and supplier offers high-quality Mosque carpets and portable prayer rugs across the globe, especially in the USA and Canada. The Royal Blue Hira Portable Muslim Prayer Rug is another exceptional product coming from the makers.

This rug is lightweight, soft, and durable, all and all a great solution for small mosques or temporary prayer spaces. It is available in different lengths based on your requirements while giving ample prayer space for the individuals. You can fold the rug with ease without disturbing the design or fabric.

The prayer rug is antibacterial and pretty easy to clean. You can buy the Royal Blue Hira 500K Density Muslim Prayer Rug.

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