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We charge regular price if the order is less than 120 sqy.

While every masjid is reputable, some make a lasting impact. The Sultan Ahmad Mosque in Turkey is one of those, standing tall as one of the architects to feel proud of. While the structure is truly uncopyable, Musalla Masjid Carpets can help you mimic some of its interior details.

The Sultan Ahmad Design Carpet is almost identical to that inside the famous Turkish Mosque. Musalla-made Sultan Ahmad Design Carpet features 100% polypropylene, a real break-through in the carpet material. It keeps your masjid clean with its antibacterial characteristics. Moreover, the carpet is not too heavy, thanks to the synthetic material. Special design masjid carpet inspired by the Sultan Ahmed.

The carpet is 12mm thick and weighs 135oz per square meter. Each roll features a width of 8 feet 3 inches, while the length is 66 feet. In sum, the area coverage of each Sultan Ahmed Carpet roll is 540 sq. ft. Inspired by Sultan Ahmad Mosque’s precious carpets, each machine-knitted carpet roll features two prominent markings 49 inches apart from each other.

Now, you can get the masjid floor carpet for very affordable price. At such a price, you’re getting the same softness underneath your feet. All you need is to close your eyes and think of the Grand Mosque, and you’re there!

Made in Turkey – Over 2.3 million sqf masjid carpet has sold

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Product Specification:

Design & Color Sultan Ahmad Design Masjid Carpet
Material 100 % Polypropylene (PP)
Quality Antibacterial – Antistatic – Easy-to-Clean – Colorfast – Durable – Comfortable – Made in Turkey.
Height 12 mm
Weight 135 oz per sq meter
Density 1.1M points per sq meter
Cleaning Options Steaming- Shampoo
Usage Heavy Duty – High Traffic
Size of each roll 8’3″x66′
Width of each line 49″
Size of footage 10″
Number of line on each roll 2 lines
Total area of each ROLL 60 yards or 540 sq ft
Manufacturing Machine Knitted (not glued)

100 % Polypropylene (PP)


Antibacterial – Antistatic – Easy-to-Clean – Colorfast – Never Shedding


10-12 mm


8 lb ea sq yard




Steaming- Shampoo


Heavy Duty – High Traffic


8'2"x66' or 98"x60'






2 lines


60 yards or 540 sq fett


Machine Knitted (not glued)