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When it comes to the mosque interiors, masjid carpets come right at the top, as they offer a high level of comfort to the people. However, if you have to set up a temporary prayer space for some people, you have to choose a portable option.

Musalla Masjid Carpets offer a wide range of prayer rugs in different designs, themes, and colors to satisfy you. The Green Hira Portable Prayer Rug comes right from the top shelf, featuring a high-quality and robust material that goes with any surface.

Be it a prayer space inside of the mosque on a hard concrete floor or somewhere along the road while traveling, the Green Hira Portable Rug is the best solution for a peaceful Salat. What makes it stand out among other prayer rugs is its density.

The prayer rug offers a whopping 500,000 points per square meter density, yet you can roll it and carry it without too much effort. The Green Hira Portable Prayer Rug is available in two options with variable prices.

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