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Here we answer most of the common questions, if what you are looking for is not here please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to calculate Masjid Carpet for our masjid?

If your masjid’s direction of qibla towards the corner of the walls you need to add at least -+30% of wastage. Let say your masjid’ qibla is 45 degree angle and has a size of 2000 sq feet. You need at least 2600 sq feet of masjid carpets.

If your masjid qibla straight to the wall you need to add at least -10% wastage.

Our Masjid Carpets’ size Wide: 8’2″ Length:66′ Each Roll is 540 sq feet or 60 sq yards. Each roll has TWO lines.

Payment Policy

  1. Customer must make 50% of the total amount of the purchase as a deposit  when a sale takes place. Remaining balance must be paid right after customer unload the masjid carpets. We don’t start sales process until the deposit is fully paid.
  2. Please send the check as soon as the masjid carpets are being unloaded. We prefer “Express Mail” for mailing checks.

Please make a check payable to; (please put the invoice # on the check)

Lighthouse Trading Inc.
DBA: Musalla Masjid Carpets 2000 Bloomingdale Rd. Unit# 140
Glendale Heights
IL 60139

Shipping and handling

  1. Shipping cost must be paid by customers.
  2. Shipping cost is approximately 5-15% of total amount.
  3. You will receive your orders within 3-5 business days.
  4. “Inside Delivery” which is provided by trucking company is very expensive. Therefore we recommend masjids to unload the truck by themselves. We recommend at least 7-8 people to present at the masjid to unload masjid carpets.  It is very easy unloading the rolls  if you have at least two dollies. I recommend two 1000 lb. Capacity Furniture Dollies and thick wood stick.*
  5. We call our customers one day before they receive their orders. If our customers don’t unload the truck they may pick masjid carpets at distribution center of trucking company with customers’ expense.
  6. Shipping cost includes Early Notification Fee and Liftgate Fee.

Do I need to sign sales agreement and confirm sales ?

We prefer and recommend to have written sales agreement between two parties. Our sale process is completed when our customers confirm the color and design of the masjid carpet by signing the sales agreement

May I return masjid carpets ?

We accept all returns which don’t match the masjid carpets that both party are agree on it. We sell and ship the exact same masjid carpets which we promise to our customers. You may contact to our references regarding of quality of our services and carpets during and after sales process.

May I require a sample ?

Musalla Masjid Carpets charges refundable $25 for carpet samples. If you decide to purchase masjid carpets from Musalla Masjid Carpets, we refund $25 to our customers.

Do you ship masjid Carpets to Canada ?

We ship our masjid carpets all over the world especially Canada.
Please add approximately 25% to your carpet’s cost as shipping, duty and GST for Canadian customers.

Padding and installation

  1. We offer installation service in USA especially in Midwest area. We have 25 years of experienced installer. Please call our references for quality of our installation service.
  2. We recommend Eco Fiber Touch 32oz Carpet Pad resists moisture and mildew. It is an excellent choice for busier floor spaces like homes, corridors, and public areas.

What are the benefits of carpet pad?

  • Helps your carpet last longer, increasing its useful life.
  • Gives your carpet a richer, thicker, softer feel.
  • Brings warmth and quiet to your masjid or mosque, decreasing sound while increasing thermal insulation.
  • Keeps your carpet cleaner, allowing greater air flow and dirt removal during vacuuming.
  • Protects the flooring beneath the carpet from moisture and staining.

Is your masjid carpet under warranty and guarantee ?

  1. All our masjid carpets are under factory’s guarantee for Colorfast, Never-shedding, Anti-static and Anti-bacterial
  2. Our Masjid Carpets are under the warranty for at least 5 years. MMC is not responsible if installation and cleaning of masjid carpet are not completed by professional companies. MMC is not responsible any damages which are made by installers and carpet cleaning companies.

Removing old carpet

  1. MMC charges $1.5 for per Sq Yard for removing the old carpet.
  2. Our customers must provide or pay the cost of Dumpster.


  1. MMC doesn’t allow any person to enter carpet installation areas during the installation to do the installation perfectly without having any problem.
  2. During the installation, MMC prefer to communicate with only the authorized person who is in charge in Carpet Renewing Project to avoid any conflicts.
  3. Remaining balance must be paid at the end of the installation. Please make the check ready one day before the completion of a project.

What is the instructions of Masjid Carpet installation:

  1. You need to cut at least half inch from both side of the carpet in order to have invisible seam or joint. Please cut straight otherwise you may have buble within 6 months on joints.
  2. You need to use 4” seam type
  3. You need power stretch in order to stretch the carpet very well
  4. You need to let the temperature of the room at least 75 degree one day before the installation. You need to keep the carpet inside the building one before the installation
  5. It is better lay the carpet down first day and start seam and stretch second day. Room temperature lets the carpet be flat
  6. We recommend 32 OZ fiber carpet pad.
  7. Please consult with IMAM or BOARD MEMBERS in order to have exact direction of the QEBLA which is direction of MECCA.
  8. Please don’t listen music loudly inside the MOSQUE / MASJID.
  9. Please work with JANITOR or BOARD MEMBERS to have restricted area while you install the carpet. The Mosque or Masjid needs to make temporary place for daily prayers.
  10. Please don’t go to BATHROOM with the same shoes which you wear while you install the carpet because people place their head on the carpet.
  11. If any community member ask you any question please let them talk to responsible person or board member.