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In 2006 we opened our first rug store in Chicago. Since then we have served thousand of customers in Chicago-land. We directly import our rugs and carpets from factory in Turkey. Having a decades old carpet experience we decided to serve our masjids too. We think that our masjids deserve the best quality carpets and services. Therefore we manufacture special masjid carpets which fulfill our masjids needs. Our masjid carpets are Colorfast, Antibacterial, Anti-Static, Never Shedding, Easy-to-Clean and made in Turkey.


In Turkey we decorate not only our houses but also masjids and cultural centers. Traditionally rugs are very important part of our culture. Therefore we have thousands years of experience regarding of rug. MMC brought this experience and quality to USA and share it with our masjids.


Musalla Masjid Carpets have served over 400 masjids, schools and islamic centers in USA and Canada. We offer not only the highest quality masjid carpets but also most competitive prices and fast service. We ship your order at the same day you place the order before 12 noon otherwise next business day. Musalla Masjid Carpets is the biggest manufacturer of masjid carpet. Our factory is located in Antep, TURKEY.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide the best quality masjid carpets and services to our masjids. We try to make our masjids more hygienic and comfortable environment which allow our brothers and sisters to enjoy being in masjids.




Call or Text: 636.322.9684


HEADQUARTER   : 2000 Bloomingdale RD, unit#140, glendale heights, il 60139
1st warehouse: albany, newyork
2nd warehouse: bloomington, mn 
Cell: (636) 322 9684          e-mail: MASJIDCARPETS@GMAIL.COM
Our factories are located in TURKEY.
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