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The Hand Crafted Wood Mehrab by Musalla Masjid Carpets is just under nine feet tall and 5 feet wide from the front. It has a 42 inches opening, quite sufficient for one person to stand or move. The dome-like interior is spacious enough to accommodate one person.

The 42-inches opening is secured by 9 inches wide pillars at each side. These pillars are 5 feet deep. From the top, there is a sufficient vertical clearance to accommodate the much-needed artwork and decor. Then there’s a space to mention Qur’anic verses or Kalimah, along with the Names Allah and Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.

The interior is kept simple – each wood panel features black rectangular shapes separated by star shapes, making the wood more prominent. Then there’s a white line between the two successive panels, adding appeal and attraction.

The entire wooden Mehrab is handcrafted, speaking of the brilliant carpentry and attractive-looking hand-painted design. This Hand Crafted Wood Mehrab is available at Musalla Masjid Carpets at a fairly reasonable price.

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Handcrafted of iron wood wood


Mounting hardware included


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