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You know that it can be a challenging task to find a unique-looking mehrab for your mosque. As a solution provider, we understand your position and hereby, offering you the best hand crafted wood mehrabs featuring the artwork of skilled laborers. We have a wide range of mehrabs for different mosque types and sizes, and one would definitely serve your purpose. 

Apart from the mehrabs, we also deal in masjid carpets, portable prayer rugs, boards and trims, mimbers, masjid doors, and domes. You’ll find our prices meeting your budget, but we also make sure you’re satisfied with the quality. 

If you’re looking for traditional designs and rich artwork, you can choose from a wide range of mimber and mehrab combinations. They make a great addition to your mosque, fulfilling the need for qibla direction and a place to address sermons. 

The traditional box-like design has four sides, with a covered front and back. The opening at one side allows for one person to enter and deliver the sermon. The entire wood structure is covered with Arabic typography and artwork made out of wood.

These models are available at affordable prices and are very easy to install in any mosque, big or small. 

Please call (636)-322-9684 for details.

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Handcrafted of iron wood wood


Mounting hardware included


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