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Whether you’re looking for the best masjid carpets and prayer rugs or want to decorate your mosque with attractive chandeliers, mimbar (pulpit), mihrab (prayer niche), and domes, you have got you covered. Musalla Masjid Carpets offers everything to turn your simple mosque into an attractive place to offer prayers.

For example, this lovely Hand Crafted Dome is one of a kind, showcasing excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. This handcrafted dome is made out of 100% wood, while the supporting structure – the mounting hardware – is high-quality iron and steel. 

You can place this Hand Crafted Dome in an open space to create a space that not only looks attractive but also offers solitude. The hemispherical dome features a pattern full of six-sided stars (hexagram), while the top of the dome features a minaret that ends up with a crescent-star duo, pretty similar to the Great Green Dome of Masjid e Nabavi.  

The bottom of the dome features verses from the Holy Qur’an, showcasing the brilliant Islamic typography. This Hand Crafted Dome is available at Musalla Masjid Carpet. All you need is to call and ask for the price and installation.

Please call (636)-322-9684 for details.

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Handcrafted of iron wood wood


Mounting hardware included


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