Sky Blue Masjid Carpet
Sky Blue Masjid Carpet
Silky Blue Border
Musalla Masjid Carpets Masjid Carpets Made in Turkey

Sky Blue Masjid Carpet | Mosque Prayer Carpet | Musalla Masjid Carpets

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Musalla Masjid Carpet is a renowned masjid carpet manufacturer based in Chicago, IL. The company offers high-density masjid carpets suitable for all mosques, big or small. The Silky Sky Blue Masjid Carpet is another high-end product, popular in the US and Canada.

The masjid carpet comes in a sky blue color with a dotted golden flower pattern. Plus, the prayer line (saff) boasts an eye-catching design, making this masjid carpet visually appealing.

The Silky Sky Blue Border Masjid Carpet rolls are made out of 100% polypropylene, a durable and sophisticated material. The material is lightweight yet feels just like soft wool. In terms of weight, the silky blue border mosque carpet is heavy duty and 133 oz per square meter.

The masjid carpet is 11 mm thick, is easy to clean, and more importantly, has antibacterial features. A Silky Blue Border Masjid Carpet roll is 66 feet long and 8 feet 2 inches wide, providing sufficient prayer space for two prayer lines (saffs) and covering approximately 540 sq. ft. or 60 yards.

Each sky blue masjid carpet roll features two lines (saffs) 10 inches wide footage and 49 inches size each line.

Silky Blue Masjid Carpet is available at a discounted price of $2.83 per foot.

Design & Color

Sky Blue Musalla Carpet


100 % Polyethylene


Antibacterial – Antistatic – Easy-to-Clean – Colorfast – Never Shedding


11 mm

Weight SqYd

7 lb ea sq yard


1.100.000 points per sq meter

Cleaning Options

Steaming- Shampoo


Heavy Duty – High Traffic

Size of each roll

8'2"x66' total 60 sq yards

Width of each line


Size of footage


Number of line on each roll

2 lines

Total area of each ROLL

60 yards


Made in Turkey – Machine Knitted (not glued)

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